ProFecund & ProFecund B at Vitafoods Europe.

Every new born baby and every positive pregnancy test photo that we receive in FB/ProFecund is a reason of joy for us. Therefore, we think that our products should not help just Romanian women, but from all over Europe. We decided to present our top products to Vitafoods Europe, the largest food supplement show, in may, in Geneva (Switzerland).

Rheumastop hits tv.

Being "Strong and free" is what you can expect from Rheumastop range of products. Therefore, our video spot associated a horse running free and a man that was just using Rheumastop.
Sales rocketed.

ProFecund medical study.

The end of 2017 brought us good news from the medical study we initiated 18 months ago in 9 OG & Endocrinology medical centers from whole country. Results are very encouraging. From 189 patients with known fertility problems, supervised by 11 specialist physicians, 66 got pregnant in less than 6 months from therapy start!


ProFecund hits tv.

November was considered a good moment to launch a tv ads campaign for ProFecund, who grew up quickly as our #1 product.
Sales rocketed, both for ProFecund and ProFecund B.



Refflor Choco hits tv.

A short and funny ad, with animation and music, promoted Refflor Choco to kids attention. Long after tv campaign ended, we still received videos with children singing the little jingle from ad.


ProFecund got it's own Facebook page, FB/ProFecund.

By addressing directly to women with fertility problems, and by providing them interesting and up-to-date information, we could see a rapid growth in interest. In a few weeks, the community reached it's 30k mark.


A big step forward for Refflor.
For many years the machine of our portfolio, the brand received a double boost, by launch of Refflor Choco and Refflor Combo.
While the second is by far the strongest probiotic from our portfolio (15 bil UFC per capsule, plus vitamin B complex and inulin), the second comes with a surprise: probiotics are incorporated in fine chocolate, making it the easiest way to administer it to children... and not only.


Because fertility often turns out to be a couple issue, we designed ProFecund B, fertility enhancer for men.
The portfolio now numbers 62 products, and the team has grown to 85 colleagues.



Fertility problems in women now find a natural solution: ProFecund.


Hyllan Pharma develops natural solutions for PMS (premenstrual syndrome), prostatitis and prostate adenoma, varicose veins. Thus, NorMens, DiminuPro, MegaHyll and H-Cerutin are launched.


2012 - 2013
brands grow, becoming a product range. RheumaTabs, RheumastoPlast, Uriprev Fito, Uriprev Acut and Uriprev Complex appear. The OsoFit and PropoGrip ranges are also developed.


the team reaches 30 colleagues. The portfolio already counts over 30 products, plus Rheumastop, Uriprev, Fitolip, Difabiol and Duo-Carb this year.


the year in which we focused on the development of probiotics. 2010 marks the launch of the Refflor range, the probiotics with the highest concentration of lactobacilli.



the first products are: Gynie L, NatalVit, EstroPlus and EstroFort.



the company is set up. He starts off with four people.



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