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Vitafoods Europe in Geneva (Switzerland)


Hyllan Pharma will proudly present ProFecund and ProFecund B at Vitafoods Europe in Geneva (Switzerland).

ProFecund and ProFecund B are two fertility enhancers for women and men, respectively. Combining natural ingredients, both products are providing new therapeutic support for women and men with fertility problems.

ProFecund efficiency was assesed by a PMS* study, carried in 9 national OG clinical centers, for 18 months. Doctors followed the evolution of 194 infertile women, under therapy with ProFecund. All their male partners received ProFecund B. From 194 patients, 63 got pregnant, a rate of 32.5%.

Start up in 2007, Hyllan Pharma gathered vast knowledge in medical field, as well as experience in original recipes and natural therapies, both leading to producing superior quality products with specific effects, aiming specific medical issues.

Hyllan Pharma is dedicated to maintaining a superior standard of quality for all its products. Located in Bucharest, its main production and packaging facility is GMP certified. Using our knowhow in developing new formulas, wide sourcing experience, low production costs and flexibility for minimal batches, we can become your steady outsourcing partner.

Visit us at

Visit us at stand T154 in Vitafoods Europe.

We will present you both ProFecund products and our outsourcing capacities.

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